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The Mind

My name is Jasir Jilani and I welcome you to my world. Largely shaded with mental health, immersed deeply into the realm of finance with a tint of travel all around the world. I’ve been fortunate to invest my youth into the many areas of mental health. Started my journey with a Bachelors in Psychology with a concentration on health sciences, the mind is my rubix cube to solve and understand. My journey continued as I completed my graduate studies and spent the good portion of the decade working to understand the chemical imbalances of the mind and the corresponding behaviors. Today, I spend my time working with other mental health professionals to understand what and how the healthy mind deviates from equilibrium- to figure out what actually brings us peace, harmony and the pursuit of a quality life. My area of expertise and doctoral concentration lies within Alcoholism and Chemical dependency. I write blogs and have published several self-help books that allow you to achieve the most optimal way of living. Feel free to support my publications on Amazon or Barnes&Nobles.

The Pocket

My journey into mental health took a detour as the path to understanding the human mind was quite expensive, and, of course, there exists something that we hate to call financial obligations. As fate would have it, I was fortunate to work with some of the brightest minds in the tech and finance industry, that led me to my unquenchable thirst to understand FINANCE for dummies. And so, after years of practicing poor credit card habits, getting fired from entry level jobs and blowing my scholarship money in the stock market, I started to learn and practice healthy financial habits, patterns and investment strategies that been favorable to my lifestyle, both in the short and long term. My current endeavor at Columbia University has helped me validate my decade long experience in investing, saving and earning residual income. I help individuals on any budget with any income earn, save and grow their bank accounts. From high school to seasoned investors, I output content that is relevant to everyone, on any level in their current journey to the top. My journals and Instagram posts are both geared to help anyone looking to climb out of their holes to those who want to maximize their earning potential in their desired time.

The Journey

Life, or at least the experience is drastically different for each and every single individual. I love to journey the world and understand the experiences of others and understand the norms and lifestyles of those who live by a completely different paradigm than the one I’ve grown accustomed to, here, in the bright lights of New York City. Creating connections with others who live differently than myself has given me an unquenchable thirst to continue visiting the world. I write articles that detail my trips and their costs and the experiences associated with them. I visit places, write about the cost and the experiences I’ve had with the geography and the people that make that part of the world, worth living. Visit my travel section to learn more!


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