Burnout is a real thing! So very real, that often we lose sight of when we’re doing too much! When you live in large cities with corporate positions that are demanding to say the least, your life changes. And before you know it, you body and usually friends and family do.
My story with burnout is quite ironic, because I planned out my own timeline to relax. I ignored my health, my sleep and my routine and of course breakfast for the chance to pursue what we all wish we could achieve — scholastic achievement, financial goals and the opportunity to travel around the world. I learned that nothing is more important than the procedural path to your destination is so important. Unfortunately, I live in NYC– a city that is known to never sleep, but… humans NEED sleep. They also need rest, personal time to do the things they love and sometimes just chill out.
You cannot cheat anything, because even if you think you got away with it, it will come back to bite you. And so, everything from work, life, school, friends, marriage and rest all need it’s rightful time. If you wish to do it all, do so. But understand that you are prolonging one thing or another, and THAT IS OKAY! We live in a time where everything is dictated by a certain age. Oh snap, you’re 30! You’re not married? Oh shit you’re still going to school? Damn. no kids? Wow.. You’ve been working there for years. No raise?
Take your body and mind and cherish them for as long as you can. Because those are the only engines that will help you get to your goals. Practice routine and control! Set for yourself a schedule. Follow it to the best of your ability. You have to live with the fact that you cannot do it all in one day and THATS OKAY! Take the next day, or the one after and get to the finish line at your own pace. That means if you’ve hit roadblocks with your job, understand that you’re in a race with only yourself! The minute you truly believe that, all your goals and responsibilities will no longer feel anxiety driven and you will genuinely be able to enjoy your life.
The finish line really isn’t that important. Because the journey is the most important experience you should remember.

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