Over the course of the last ten years, I’ve found that the most successful individuals happen to be the ones that are multi-faceted individuals. They are not a byproduct solely of their profession. They have day jobs that define a part of who they are, but do not paint a full picture. Instead, they have other talents, income avenues & residual businesses that complete their picture. As Warren Buffet put it, The average millionaire has at-least 7 streams of income. What we can learn from Buffet is that one size doesn’t fit all.. In light of this, I’ve included the online courses to my areas of expertise that introduce, outline and detail the nature of the work, business & long term returns for each.

Real Estate

 Whether you are a physician, entrepreneur, lawyer or anything else deemed to be exotic in the work force, it’s imperative that you have real estate as a means of residual income. Buying at the right time in a particular market can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars when you sell…. AND rental income while you hold the property… However, the flip side can also be true. You can be upside down on a mortgage, have a difficult time selling it and be in a disastrous situation with your tenants who aren’t paying rent. Take the 90 day real estate course and you can add this residual income maker to your repertoire. Click on the link below to take the course

  Real Estate – The Right, Wrong & Ugly


Forex Trading 

 The stock market is a very lucrative means to doubling your money.. or it can be a path of misery whose hallmark can forever be etched with the goons of Wall Street. Fortunately, stocks, their volatility and the time required to earn a hefty return can take years and most of us dont really have the time…

As an alternative, invest your $1000 into something far more liquid and takes a fraction of the time. Forex or Foreign exchange trading involves the trading of currency pairs of the most popular economies. USD-CAD, EUR-USD, USD-JPY & the list goes on. With roughly 40 trading pairs, a solid understanding of the technical analysis and a fundamental analysis of each economy and what makes them tick are required to earn a hefty income. With $1000 investment, you can see returns of $50,000 in 700 days… Time + Longevity + Lucrative Returns = Winner.

Like everything good in this world, the time required and risk is hefty. 90% of Retail Traders lose their money in the Foreign Exchange market. To prevent you from becoming part of that statistic, take this 120 day Forex course that gives you the basics, intricacies & how-to’s with real time videos, real-time trades & the option to always trade alongside the best forex traders in the world! The course highlights everything you need to know from A-Z and can be life changing as it has been for some of my clients.

 Forex Trading – The Entire Trade



Most of us laugh at bloggers or find it nearly impossible to fathom how folks earn hefty six figure salaries just by… uhhh. writing?? Thats right folks — Your recipes, writing, life experiences are invaluable! Companies pay good money to market their ads on popular or semi-popular websites. If you have a natural talent or a mastery of a trade that you would like to share with the world on the internet, now is the best time to do so. Google AdSense will actually PAY YOU to write about your talents and experiences in return for money for every impression that your viewers give for the ads placed on your site.

Like everything successful inn this world, it takes time.. We all know Rome wasn’t built overnight. Keep in mind that your blog requires active visitors, interactions and an audience that is engaged and hungry to come back for more! The truth is that the process is VERY easy, but routine persistence is not for everyone. If you know that you can be patient and are persistent with your writing, take my 45 day Bloggers course that details the entire step from beginning to finish.

Blogging-45 Days To Change Your Life


Resumes/Interviews & Salary Negotiations

This course is so essential to everyone who currently has a job or is looking for a job. With or without a college degree, I can help you change your outlook on careers and help you land one. Digital Media, Finance or Hospitality Management are very lucrative careers that require little experience, but a ton of dedication. Making sure that your resume, representation and annual salary reflect your worth is key to surviving in this ever changing industry. My resume styles, recommendations, interview questions and answers are designed for up to 15 professions with proven experience from startup entrepreneurs and seasoned vets. Take this course to maximize your earning potential and possibly get a higher paying job.

Resumes | Job Interviews | Salary Negotiations


Information Technology

65% of the world’s job force relies on some version of technology. From Project management to testing to coding, the entire world is headed in a direction that requires some degree of knowledge in this field. Product Managers, Test Engineers, Developers, Actuaries, UX Designers, Business Analysts & Sales Engineering make up over 15 MILLION JOBS IN THE WORLD. If at any point your luck falls short, you can count on some of these jobs to earn you that extra cash. Some of these jobs are actually remote and can parallel physician salaries. (Yeah, you read that right) This course highlights 250 pages of goodness that details how you can become any of the professions listed above with the appropriate training and education needed to succeed. Videos, charts, projects, technical and business lingo are all included for a fraction of the price at online schools. I’ve broken the entirety of this field into 5 courses.

Business Analyst           Project Management             Test Engineer                Digital Media


Home Remodeling

Home remodeling is one of the easiest ways to hike up the value of your home when you sell it. However, you don’t always have to wait till the selling part to reap the benefits. Rentals that are strategically renovated earn about 35% more than the average homeowner. Spending $10,000 to earn an extra $500,000 over the course of a lifetime can prove to be invaluable. Check out our home remodeling course that details how to re-do kitchens, baths, floors, bedrooms & landscaping.

Home Remodeling