Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why are you doing this?

I find so many individuals have invested so much time with their education and yet haven’t gotten to see the fruits of their labor. Others have started their path but life got in the way and they are somewhat stuck. From high school graduates to incomplete college grads, I find millions of individuals who are hopeless with their financial situation. Not knowing that investing only takes $5 and a job takes 120 days of training, they are usually not investing the right time. I want to empower them with the proper tools so that they can live a good life and earn a good living.

Do you do this for FREE?

Yes, everything is free and always will be. I will continue to write in the blogs, provide FREE content and write free ebooks to help empower the average student or graduate. I can help your career whether its going well or non existent. I can help with your investments and create a diverse portfolio. Real estate, finance and careers are my forte and my knowledge will always be available to you.