Grenada Islands February 2019

My journey to Grenada was certainly an eye opener. Phenomenal beaches, incredibly hospitable people, amazing grilled food and lots of dangerous roads!  Explore My Grenada Experience

My journey to Grenada


Italy & Swiss Alps November 2018

My short trip to Milan Italy was nothing short of amazing. The food, the people and the hospitality was great. Here’s my Italy experience

Aruba September 2018 {Under Construction}

San Francisco August 2018 {Under Construction}

Spain July 2018 {Under Construction}

Portugal July 2018 {Under Construction}

Miami March 2018 {Under Construction}

The Keys March 2018 {Under Construction}

San Diego August 2017 {Under Construction}

Los Angeles April 2017 {Under Construction}

Fontana May 2016 {Under Construction}

Las Vegas May 2016 {Under Construction}

Orlando August 2015 {Under Construction}

Toronto & Montreal 2014 {Under Construction}

Dubai July 2009 {Under Construction}

Alaska July 2008 {Under Construction}