My time at Columbia and exposure to the digital media world has helped me understand the ropes of entrepreneurship and what-it means to grow a business.

Whether you have an idea or are in the beginning process of growing your social media presence, I can help you achieve you goals. For small time business owners, allow me to understand your business and see what it’s missing. My services are free for hire and until you see results, you wont pay me a dime! Here’s what I offer


Your brand matters! The subtle decision between professional and casual can make all the difference. Understand that your brand requires more than a logo. It must jive well, autonomously in the minds of people. From the look and feel to your stationary, I can make it happen.

Promotional Marketing

Brand awareness and association to a product/service is so essential to success! From free promotional merchandise to giveaways, it’s imperative to your legitimacy. Plus, people LOVE free stuff!

Social Media Awareness & Growth

In today’s world, social media is key! A billboard does as much as your toilet does. Social media reaches in the thousands, and if you’re willing, it can reach millions with as little as $30! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & online ads are crucial to acquiring new customers.

Digital Strategy Growth

While this is not my personal expertise, I have a team of individuals who have proven success with small startups and have also done some work for million dollar juggernauts in the finance, automotive and health industry.

Product To Sale Conversion

This is self explanatory. I’d love to help you understand your sales metrics. Automate it, and manually invest time into the areas that growth is needed.