Jobs/Careers That Pay Close to 6 Figures Out Of College

Careers That Pay Close to 6 Figures Out Of College!

  1. Web Developer – With a four-year college degree at almost any college, a solid understanding of your programming languages will earn you $70,000-$80,000 at digital agencies, startups or established institutions. Banks, Media, Education and practically every company that wants to grow has an interest in establishing themselves in the open web. With solid working hours and four years of schooling, your twenties can be spent earning, traveling and drinking all at the same time without incurring debt!
  2. Project Manager- An understanding of resources and the management of it. If you are good at making other people work and ensuring that they do their job on time and well, then say no more. With a bachelor’s degree in business management, understanding what makes a group tick and a knack for meeting deadlines, say hello to $100,000 each year. Deadlines can be stressful and the pressure for short periods of time may be a tough stretch, but those bonuses and time off certainly are worth it!
  3. Investment Banker – Understanding and identifying risks for a company is the name of the game. Raising capital, identifying the financial climate, risks associated with acquisitions and financing projects are all day-day operations for an investment banker. With salaries waged at $80,000 plus $15,000 bonus, you can live a pretty good life right at the ripe age of 22.
  4. Quality Assurance Tester – A solid understanding of what design, basic programming and UI should be like can get you a job as early as twenty! Identifying product risks, errors on a program and/or webpage is the goal of your job. Standard 9-5 working hours with a pay range from 65,000-150,000 you cannot go wrong. The more years of experience, the greater the pay.
  5. Engineering – From biomedical engineering to financial engineering to chemical engineering to electrical engineering, bottom line is America is in need of engineers more than ever! From iPhones, to Hyperloop to nanotechnology to drones and machinery, engineering is the future of the world. With entry level salaries starting at $70,000 with a bonus of $5000 per year and the sky that is the limit, it is a great time to be an engineer.
  6. Pharmacy- Pharmacy has one of the best return rates with as little time as possible. With annual earnings of about $120,000/year and a 6 year commitment, pharmacists start their life at a prime age of 23/24. Banking 6 figures while you enjoy your twenties can be invaluable especially when considering retirement in your early 30’s.

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