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Alot of us bogged down with the concept of finances, predominately investing!  With years of failed investing strategies, coupled with thousands of dollars lost in the stock & forex market, I can help you prevent all the mistakes I’ve made! From small time investing with as little as $5 to investing and managing large portfolios and other types of investments (Pre-IPO investing, Real Estate Investing), I can certainly help you get there! My time at Columbia, coupled with my seasoned experiences have allowed me to make timely investments that have yielded profits and long term residual income in the long run! After years of failing, I’ve finally started to understand finance and am sharing all the knowledge through my posts below and services offered. All of my services and posts are completely free. Feel free to drop me a line!

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Remaining below are the list of services that I offer. Feel free to inquire about them!

Resume & Interview

We create, modify and enhance resumes at no cost. It’s absolutely crucial that the best version of you is represented to potential employers & future job prospects. Additionally, we prepare any individual with the necessary interview skills needed to succeed. Creating the complete package from resume, applying to the right jobs and positioning yourself perfectly on LinkedIn, we’ve got your back. 

Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling is a tricky yet necessary evil that puts satisfaction into your heart and into your pockets when you sell your home. From landscaping to interior design, allow me and my team to put  forth a design and alteration that suits your needs to achieve the ideal look. From flooring, lights & walls to kitchens, baths & bedrooms, we can do it all for you. We will work with your existing layout and remodel it for you OR empower you to do it yourself with the right contractors. Our design input and drawings are completely free. If you wish to do it yourself, purchase our Home Remodeling course to see what options are available to you!

Information Technology & Digital Media Training

We provide all the training tools and education needed to succeed in the digital media stratosphere or technology itself. Choose from our courses which include but are not limited to Project Management, Business Analysis, Test Engineering, Developers & UX Design. The courses grant you access to all the material we’ve written up but also the support of our team that have been working in one of the aforementioned fields for over 5 years!

Investing & Money Management

We will help you earn your money, invest it and learn the art of trading. Our courses range from autonomous investing, creating a proper 401k portfolio and trading for any expertise level. This means your $5 that you have left over can be invested or if you are looking to invest more serious money, we’re here to help! Apart from the courses, we do offer real time feedback and consideration of your particular situation in the event you are in need of a customized game plan.

Real Estate

Real estate, or the pursuit of it can be very challenging and overwhelming. With a buyers market and a sellers market always struggling to out do the others, its imperative that you get the most value for your buck. Buying the perfect home for your family or for your rental income needs are crucial to your long term financial success. Our Real estate knowledge combines years of failure, expertise & rough patches to give you the most optimized options that are beneficial for you in the short and long run.


Blogging is one of the best residual income avenues you can set up for yourself. If you have a particular expertise or are passionate about something, let the world know. With enough traffic from social media, Adsense can be an effective way to leverage your knowledge and talent.

i Finance

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