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It’s 2019. That means that everyone is trying to house the most popular Instagram account, make a ton of money either through the monetization of their talent or attain doctoral degrees so that the honor and money fulfill what society has taught us– Success = Education + Wealth. While that’s certainly one way to get ahead in life, we forget that the pursuit of those 2 endeavors often comes at the cost of our own health. Many scoff at the idea of mental health, but it isn’t until you actually grow routine bouts of anxiety and perpetually live inside of your own head that you realize, Oh Shit! I cant seem to shake these feelings of anxiousness, maniacal obsession to do well or get ahead or at times be like others. Whether its a friend, family or public figure, most of us are chasing their degree of success; in beauty, in assets or intellectual property. Silicon Valley is the hub of startups and everyone is trying to create the next big Facebook while everyone else is trying to make it big by pursuing a traditional means of education to career. In doing so, we’ve maximized our opioids, our antipsychotics, anti-anxiety medications and many more drugs that have become all too commonplace. Rates of divorce are off the rough with about 1 in every 3 marriages failing and war and famine have spread throughout the world. While we cant change war and famine, at least, not directly, we can change the rest of the above.

I’ve put together a list of all my work from articles to my thesis that I’ve defended to help all of us achieve an ideal state of balance. Psych doesn’t automatically equate to mental problems, rather, acknowledging and changing our behavioral patterns that may have become too cumbersome for our own ability to function at our most optimal levels. I, myself, need to take days off, change my routine, change my thinking and often press the Reset button because I tend to overwhelm myself. If there is anything that I, as a clinician can do for you or someone else, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

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There’s alot going on in the world and no two perspectives ever actually see eye to eye at all times. I’d love to hear how you faced a challenge and what worked for you? Drop me a line or two.